Maureen is a team player, always willing to do what it takes to accomplish a task. She was a key part of the initial Oracle implementation and continued in that role by providing training, documentation, testing, validation, and development of new processes as the company progressed. She was the primary support for the Sales and Marketing group as well as Warranty/Repair. Maureen has a great personality as well as a lot of patience which will help her throughout her career.

Sue Cassidy



I would like to recommend the Learning Development site developed by Maureen Burnell for ITT’s Industrial Process group.

This site, first launched in June 2012, has proven a great success.  Many employees make repeated visits to the site.  Since it’s creation the site has twice been among the top 10 sites visited by ITT employees (out of 300 active sits).  Maureen has greatly enhanced the quantity and quality of the sites content during it’s lifetime with only a small mount of mentoring and training.  It has an attractive design, is informative and content is updated on a regular basis and easy to reference.

I think it is worthy of your recognition and hope that you will give it due consideration.


Andy Stafford


Maureen’s creative work on the development of ITT/Goulds Pumps internal website focused on Learning and Development activity has been instrumental to the success of our employees.  As a trainer, I am always looking for ways to keep the learner engaged after a training event has taken place.  Our site allows our employees to easily access information shared during previous training sessions, as well as access ancillary information that continues their learning process,  Maureen did not only create a static site, but an interactive one as well: complete with an updated calendar letting employees know of upcoming training event activities, photos of past training events giving employees a glimpse of what to expect during a course, ad streaming videos that allow employees to access training events.  ITT has a vision called the “ITT Way” where one of it core principals is “Our People”.  we invest in our people so they can make a difference in the work that they do on a daily basis.  This site accomplishes and exemplifies that principle.

William Peterson


Maureen is a vivacious individual who brings creativity and strong stakeholder engagement ability to every project she undertakes. She is easy-going, hardworking and always up for a challenge. I enjoyed working with Maureen and her can-do spirit!

Lynn Starling